CMA APEX (Online + Personalised Coaching)

Designed and Recommended For:

Founders and Senior Leadership

Organizations rely on their reputations and with social medias ability to impact that reputation at an ever-increasing speed, during time of crisis it is critical that leadership can react quickly decisively and efficiently.

Course Abstract and Scope

Business Resilience, Business Reputation management during crisis, tailoring business communications and media interviews at the time of crisis, strategizing crisis preparedness and management to leverage such situations are the key areas of focus


6 weeks (Personalized session of 2 hours once a week with pre-reads)


  • Content Security
  • Flexible learning hours
  • Networking with renowned lecturers, profound speakers and professionals from various regions and countries on CMA web forums
  • Interactive Lectures conducted through video conferencing
  • Suitable Online examination pattern and practical assignments


Available from the subject matter experts to resolve student queries during the course

Certification: Rauch Education

Top Takeaways

  • Gaining deeper insights on strategizing business reputations during the inevitable.
  • Mastering the paradigms of sustainable business resilience
  • Decoding media-nomics.
  • Synthesizing cross sectorial crisis management
  • Getting prepared to combat new influencers in the organisation ecosystem.

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