CMA Global (Only through Affiliation)

Rauch Education invites prominent universities, colleges; educational institutes from across the globe to conduct Rauch programs through affiliation. CMA Global is developed with a view to enhance the learning curve of the young students and professionals to gain comprehensive insights on how to sustain and excel in the evolving corporate culture and market dynamics.

Course Abstract and Scope

Comprehensive on transformation and technical skill development, including mind-set transformations, hands-on business process flow mapping, advanced communication skills, decoding the domain of crisis, risk, emergency, disaster and issue, crisis preparedness and management, conducting crisis audits.


1 Year (Full time) Total: - VIII semesters


  • Highly experienced Train the Trainers to explain program concept and provide guidelines on innovative teaching techniques and methodologies
  • Guest Lecturers with diverse expertise made available to perform sessions at regular intervals during the program to support students in networking and gain practical industry insights.
  • International Study Tours with the Affiliate to facilitate students in gaining deeper understanding of varied business eco systems


Strictly through Affiliation


Available from the subject matter experts to resolve student queries during the course

Certification: Dual

Top Takeaways

  • Thoroughly researched affiliate certification process designed by experts.
  • Experiential learning from our global data repository on crisis management.
  • Simple methods adapted to” Train the Trainers” (your Institutes selected teachers and faculties) to deliver course contents to prospective students who enrol in the course.
  • Study is academic backed by practical experience and evaluation methodologies developed by experts.
  • Continuous research on the content and methodologies by our global subject matter experts

To find out how your educational establishment can become a Rauch Education affiliate, please contact:

Rauch International
Manjushri Shah
Board of Governance – Rauch Education
Main No. (USA) + 1-702-818-1765
Cell No. (USA) + 1-480-925-225
WhatsApp No. (India) +91-98180 20145

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