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Finding the right type of project and/or location in which to invest can be overwhelming. Project viability return on investment, whom to trust, managing your investment and getting your money out of a foreign location are just some of the issues investors face.

In order to identify the right project for an investor, Rauch begins by understanding the needs and requirements of the investor through a thorough and detailed application process. This process allows us to research the projects that are best suited to the investor, thereby providing information so that the investor can make a decision to invest or not invest based on current, quality information.

The purpose of the Rauch process is to solicit information from foreign and domestic investors in order to determine a potential investor's viability and capability to invest in companies, real estate portfolios, projects or other investment opportunities of which Rauch and its strategic global partners are aware and have access to. The Rauch investor application form is part of the initial due-diligence that Rauch performs on behalf of those entities looking for investment partners.

After review and upon approval of your application, based upon your investment criteria you will be forwarded information on vetted projects seeking funding that have applied for access to funding through Rauch’s funding facilitation services.

In addition to providing direct services, Rauch is also a holding company for Rauch entities that may together with its global partners, participate in the investment of certain projects.

In order to help protect the investor, only projects on which Rauch has direct advisory and management involvement will be presented for investment.

Investment Opportunities Include

  • Distressed Company Purchase, Turnaround and Sell
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Marijuana Projects
  • Land Development
  • Technology

Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality

Due to the nature of information that will be exchanged between Investor and Rauch, Rauch will require that a mutually binding non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement be signed. Information provided to Rauch will be held in strictest confidence and will only be used for the purposes of providing services as requested by the applicant.


Rauch is not a licensed broker and is only acting as facilitator and manager of opportunities between those seeking investments and investors. Rauch makes no representation, warranties or guarantees of the outcome of any investment program entered into by investor.

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