Rauch International India

Rauch International India Private Limited:

With the vision of extending its expertise in transforming multi-disciplinary sectors across Asia and Australia, Rauch International Inc. decided to set up its subsidiary in the form Rauch International India Private Limited. With a commitment of adding value to our clients, RIIPL working closely with its Rauch Associate Partner Companies, presently caters to accelerating business needs in the spheres of Foreign Trade, Education, and Technology. We bring in unique cross-sectorial perspectives to effectively integrate business alliances which create conducive and sustainable eco-systems for our customers. Continual support of our network of stakeholder’s world-over helps our customers leverage, plan, and sustain their growth. Also, through our dynamic team of subject matter experts and professionals, we deliver world-class, customized, quality services to our global clients.

Planning and Implementation of International Business expansion and Growth

Establishments and Organizations

  • Businesses, planning their systematic foreign expansion and in requirement of end-to-end services.
  • Businesses who want to off-load channel management work including warehousing management
  • Business Associations who want to offer value to their industry clients.
  • Tech organizations who are wanting to explore new markets.
  • Start-ups who require a professional partner.

Consultancy and Assessment: Loan Borrower Viability Study

Financial Institutions

  • Planning to optimize their productivity innovatively.
  • Who want to have borrower ratification especially concerning exports.
  • Who want to conduct borrower’s assessment.
  • Who constructively want to audit their business processes and optimize their KPIs.
  • Who want to improve borrower’s confidence in both pre and post borrowing phase.

Consultancy, Expansion and Global outreach

Educational Institutes

  • Educational Institutions, planning their transformation. 
  • Aspiring to diversify education portfolios to make their students viable in 21st century.
  • Striving to scale up to provide global education, getting international recognition & networking with globally recognized faculties and academicians.
  • Education Institutes, aiming to increase employability of their students globally.
    Education institutes, looking for professional institution management services for creating and setting up institutions and upgradation of the existing setup.

Educational Programs: Transformation and Skill Development

Students (From 8 years to 80 years old)

  • Students who aim to excel in the evolving educational sphere.
  • Students, planning their domestic and foreign education but feel unsure when it comes to competitive exams.
  • Students who want to develop path-breaking skills and aspire to achieve career goals in vast spectrum of competitive arena. 
  • Students who yearn to identify their intrinsic ability and the corresponding career selection.
  • Students who want to bridge the gap between aspiration and ability.

Training and Consultancy

Corporate CEO and top management:

  • Executives who want to plan their sustainable growth
  • Executives who want to build business resilience
  • Executives who believe in strengthening their organizations to core and not just showcasing them as a press photo op.
  • Executives who want a professional advice on their current situation.
  • Executives who want to do all of the above with highest amount of trust and confidentiality

Training and Transformation

Working Professionals in corporate sector:

  • You feel stuck in your job
  • You get frequent feedbacks about your managerial ability
  • Looking forward to developing tailormade skills for a specific opportunity
  • Want to develop yourself as a global professional

Global Headquarters

9550 S. Eastern Ave. Las Vegas,
Nevada 89123 USA

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